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A range of plant syrups (leaves or flowers) to conquer your taste buds!


To be used in a thousand ways, let yourself be surprised by their tastes and their originality!


Some ideas for you and by you!

With fresh water, 

hot water like herbal tea,

with tea or coffee,

in Cocktail (white wine, beer,....)

for dessert (yogurts, cakes, pancakes, coulis...)

make ice cream,

in savory dishes (fish, summer vegetables, in sauce, etc.)


Bee Syrup: Acacia, floral sweetness!

Syrup of Love: Poppy, sweetheart syrup, good taste of flowered strawberries

Happiness Syrup: Rosemary, surprising aromatic and refreshing note!

Syrup of Courage: Thyme, aromatic, ideal during colds

Fairy Syrup: Elderflower, with a good taste of honey

Mynthé Nymph Syrup: Mint, the natural essential!

Melissa Syrup: Lemon balm, with a sweet lemony taste!

Blue Gold Syrup: Lavender, with its surprising floral taste

Syrup of the Elders: Sage, plant women…and sages!

Syrup of the Witches: Verbena, with its fresh and powerful fragrance


250ml glass bottle

Plant syrups

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